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Mathias Broe
Kristoffer Moth
Carl Benny Robert
Birk Thomassen
Frederikke-Agnete Svarre
Nat Marcus
Zylvester Baltazar Rodriguez
Johan Bech Jespersen
Miriam kongstad
Kid Enotea
CEO 3rd world quality
Salem Dye
Regina Ceii
Fuurman Ahmed

This is our way of sharing art digitally, outside of the big platforms, to bypass their algorithms and echo-chambers. But more than a digital gallery space, this is a look into our digital ateliers. A look into our desktops, folders, and files. There’s a big variety in the work presented, creating a more diverse and random experience, then what is often the case online.

Morph a creative community-based in Copenhagen, with a main focus on visual art such as film, photography, and CGI. We came together to explore the relationships between art, activism, and capitalism. We’re constantly morphing into new ideas, structures, and perspectives, allowing us to represent a wide range of people and voices under the same roof.

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